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Laboratory Equipment

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By partnering up with LF Business, you gain everything it needs and beyond as we:

  • Take care of the complete process of supply of healthcare products by serving as a single focal point
  • Supervise manufacturing and logistics functions
  • Handle distribution and packaging functions
  • Provide compliance and documentation processing assistance


With products from a large number of suppliers, LF Business meets the healthcare system's need for medical devices, equipment and consumables.

We have established partnerships with well-known and reliable brands while offering a great selection of laboratory equipment and supplies in different areas of testing.


  • ECL Immunoassay Analysers
  • Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzers and reagents
  • Hematology and Biochemistry Analyzers and reagents
  • Nucleic Extraction Systems
  • PCR reagents
  • PRC real-time amplification systems
  • Rapid Tests
  • Rapid Tests

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Comprehensive equipment of laboratories is complemented by the assistance in calculating reagent supplies based on laboratory patient flow, optimising costs and increasing laboratory efficiency. For open systems installed in customer laboratories, we can provide alternative suppliers of reagents to increase the profitability of services provided to patients. If the lab has ideas for new projects, we can assist in sourcing the necessary products or suggest R&D companies that can develop and validate such products.

We take care of your shipment

Many reagents need to be shipped under cold chain regimes. We handle our supplies with great caution, and it's why we have well-established procedures to ensure product quality during shipping.


We create superior customer experience – a truly customer-focused approach ensuring seamless, fulfilling, and memorable experience from the beginning to the end of our interaction.

Technical support

LF Business knows that the installation and use of equipment always require technical and clinical support. We provide a 24/7 communication system between our customers and technical service team to resolve any issues related to the use of the equipment.


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